#GivingTuesday – Tiretades in Hospitals

Categories: Solidarity.

And we continue with the contributions to #GivingTuesday with Tiretades in Hospitals.

Tiretades is a project from La Roda Foundation and Art & Coop. It is about performing artistic actions such as murals, crafts, paintings … in hospitals.
The actions of redecorating the spaces of hospitals where children, young people and their families spend a great amount of hours aims to get a smile, generate a joke, encourage a lively and relaxed conversation, make room for a dream … Tiretades contributes with its murals and decoration to generate a more pleasant space for the staff and for families.

Scientific researchs point out every day that we as people create our reality through the thoughts we generate. Tiretades works to create beautiful thoughts in the brains of ill children, generating a future in their heads and therefore in their hearts.

They defined themselves as:

Tiratades, noun. Of the family of bandages. Strips of coloured paper or plastic. They can be one color, two colors or even drawings. They are healing and help to smile, play, create and imagine.

Do you join their cause? Tiretades, GivingTuesday, GranExplorador we all give, and you?


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