#GivingTuesday – Chakra Healing

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#GivingTuesday – Balance Your Chakras

And we continue with the actions of #GivingTuesday with a Workshop to balance your Chakras.

  • Practical information: Friday 2 December in Barcelona, at CasaVerde, at 7:30 p.m. Price € 20 pre-booking.
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Gina performs chakra alignment works combining Reiki energy as healing technique, shamanic journey, quartz and her experience and intuition as sandora. The proposal is super relaxing and energetic. Breathe and let go without being aware of it. Lighten the inner pressure, unlock the energies allowing it to flow through the different chakras of our body. Gina’s experience leads her to observe the obstructed chakras identifying that part of your life is the one that is blocked. Whether family, work, relationships, communication, assertiveness, … Once identified the chakra you can learn about it and how to work to keep it in balance.

This workshop is a powerful activation of your chakras, and will teach you all about each chakra and give you tools to work with your own energy! Join us to clear your energy, open your heart, and balance your chakras!! Have your heart, mind, and soul aligned in time for the New Year!

Contact us and give yourself a present! Being aware that we need to take care of ourselves in front of everything else is our first aim. Once you are centered, you can help other!

Remeber as well, that this post is given by Gran Explorador as a free gift onthe action #GivingTuesday, a voluntary action where everybody wins. You give, we give and we all get.

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