27 Films on the New Era

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Are you tired of watching movies with a lot of noise, with fake endings, that offer a makeup vision of the reality? Do you like to enjoy an evening on the sofa, with a good blanket and relaxing with stories that make you think, show the story as it happened, fill you with values of friendship, cooperation, volunteerism, solidarity, environment, nutrition, … We propose 27 Films on the New Era that include children’s films, adult films, family films, short films, foreign and short films, films from large film groups and films by small filmmakers.

  1. Arjuna arjuna
  2. Freedom dreamssuenos_de_libertad
  3. Bigdaddy big_daddy
  4. Conversations with Godconversaciones_con_dios
  5. Avatar avatar
  6. Awake , the life of Yogananda awake_la_vida_de_yoganan
  7. Samsara samsara
  8. Cuerdas cuerdas
  9. El vendedor de humo el_vendedor_de_humo
  10. The Mand Band  el_hombre_orquesta
  11. Said’s travel  el_viaje_de_said
  12. A buda un_buda
  13. Avatar , the last airbender avatar_la_leyenda_de_aang
  14. La flor más grande del mundo la_flor_mas_grande_del_mundo
  15. Clickclick
  16. Favours string cadena_de_favores
  17. Pi’s life  la_vida_de_pi
  18. Searching Dory buscando_a_dory
  19. Dead poets societyel_club_de_los_poetas_muertos
  20. Kubo kubo_y_las_dos_cuerdas_magicas
  21. The life’s bookel_lbro_de_la_vida
  22. Maléfica malefica
  23. Eat, pray and love ama_come_reza
  24. The women’s fountain la_fuente_de_las_mujeres
  25. Maktub maktub
  26. Juno juno
  27.     The secret life of Walter Mitty la_vida_secreta_de_walter_mitty

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