Fasting intentional or unintentional?

Categories: Personal growth_kk and Therapy.

My experience in fasting is diverse and varied.

  • On one hand, fasting to me can be simply unintentional. I sleep a lot. I love sleeping and in my case it is a remedy for some illnesses. Since I was little I chose to sleep and sleep to hide me from certain situations, regain strength before a stressful situation or recover my body physically. So I stayed 48 hours sleeping and that helped me clean myself.
  • On the other hand I am aware that I fast at times willingly, although without being aware of it. Simply I do not eat during much part of the day because I have no need to eat, I am no hungry or even I have so much work to make that my last thought is eating.
  • I also choose to fast when I want to heal something, colds, stomach-aches, ears-aches or throat-aches. A couple of days sweating in bed, well covered and drinking cold liquids are a great help to me. I find that my body can focus 100% on healing myself, because it doesn’t have to concentrate on making the digestion, walking, listening, doing whatever … In bed and sleeping I spend little energy and my body can focus on healing.
  • Also in some stages of my life, I have done fasting for weight loss. That’s fasting voluntarily to lose weight. And in that case, I think that fasting is not a good option. Specifically in my case, it has generated me anxiety and once I left the fast I finished eating one lot more and regaining the weight that I had lost.
  • And finally, fasting also takes away my sexual appetite. So if at some point this situation is annoying me and I’m without a partner, I opt for it. It is a sensitive deal issue in according to some environments, but the reality is that due to my personal work I’ve been doing it on some occasions. Fasting is an option, another might do an ecstatic dance, go out with friends or call a right to friction friend. Hence everyone with his/her option.  I opt for fasting and my experience is very positive in this sense.
  • And although it is not my case, I believe fasting is also useful when drinking alcohol as it helps in cleaning your organism.