Family constellations

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I have wanted to write this post to explain the magic of this therapy and this summer I have been in several conversations trying to convey, so it has made me look up to explain it.

Family constellations were defined by Hellinger, a German fruit of their therapies psychology came to envision this technique and irla shaping, defining and delimiting.

Family constellations are a therapeutic tool and therefore is important in what we trust therapist for your application. This is a technique through which you can view the blocked energies between people or one person. Once displayed energy and always with great tact and respect for all people represented in the energy circle, can be supported, close, heal, deliver or help make energy cleaner.

Having said that let’s the most practical part that may clarify the issue a bit. The therapy is usually performed in groups of people. Among the group of people there is a person accompanying the therapist and on what is going to work a theme. It is called the constelado. Other people attending the constellation although not their work directly also going to be moved by this issue, hence when constellations work tends to focus the subject prior to evoke all the people who have something outstanding about it . For example, the couple, relations parents / mothers and children, the mother-daughter relationships … Choosing the work to carry out the constelado is already an interesting task. From my experience I will say that the magic is done owned the place when it will start a constellation and as much as you had some prepared questions, the magic of the environment speaks for you and makes your needs. Once identified the theme to work, the therapist suggests to constelado the various roles you need to work and asks you to select a person from the group to each role. Constellation Energy is then responsible to act. The representatives chosen simply have to feel and when consulted explain they feel, how they feel, that wishes movements have.

I leave you with the magic and that everyone will find their magic.

If you want advice on therapists I am at your disposal to mention to my experience.