Essential oils

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I am an essential oils lover, well I should say I love plants and their healing qualities. Since I was little that I drunk infusions to calm down before starting an sporting performance. Aferwards I had to run into the bathroom as soon as the competition finished but I had succeded in passing all the excitement and getting my goals. So in my house there are always infusions, oils and scents that evolve us.

What do essential oils consist of?

If we collect a plant of the field, forest or garden, depending on which plant it is, the most probable is that it reduces its properties as it gets dry. That happens with most of the plants. So we have two options either we make an infusion or we choose to pick up the scent of the plant, creating oils.

What symptoms can we treat?

  • Physically, they are useful before stings, burns, stroke ailments.
  • On an emotional level there are oils for insomnia, depression, anxiety. So we can find an essential oils for almost everything we imagine.

Which precautions should we take?

There are different prices of essential oils in the market. Why is this? The oil concentration vs the concentration of the essence of the plant. The more quality in terms of more concentration essence of the plant, the more expensive. The more concentration also means that its effects are greater. Therefore it requires much less amount. A tiny drop has much more effect.

There are two essential oils hypersensitive areas.

  • One are the eyes. We must be careful to put any oil on the face. First place it away from the eyes and in small doses. And preferably always away from the eyes.
  • Another sensitive area are the soles of the feet. Here plays the theme of the meridians of the foot … each has its connection to a body organ. So the action is also very straightforward.

Another precaution is necessary to have it with citrus oils. As at home, a lemon can quickly eat the colours of marble, the same happens in our skin. Citrus oils should be used at night, when we have the sunlight or moonlight away.

You want to know our recommendations for essential oils?

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