Emotions and Essential Oils Workshop

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Would you like to understand why an aroma, a music, a place, trigger in us automatic emotional responses? Come to an Emotions and Essential Oils Workshop and share together.

Do you know that the physical responses of your body could be expressing stagnant energy, unexpressed trauma, unmaintained conversation? In the workshop of Emotions and Essential Oils we explain it to you! The use of Essential Oils Therapeutic Grade can help us know and channel these situations, and also assist us in day-to-day.

Come to this workshop if you want to know how to:

  • To recover from a headache easily and while keeping your body healthy.
  • To leave behind the bad sense after a tense conversation at work, at home, with the children, with your couple.
  • If you need to concentrate before you start a meeting, a class, or give a lecture.
  • To encourage yourself before going out at night without getting into alcohol.
  • To leave behind a period of crying, sadness, depression, low self-esteem.
  • To rest at night and sleep well.
  • To remove that anger that prevents you from closing a deal favorably.
  • To leave your nerves behind and face a situation.
  • To forget shyness and be yourself in a relationship.
  • To start the day without coffee or other caffeine.

Come and learn who without toxic or synthetic, Essential Oils of Therapeutic Grade you can contribute to the improvement of anxiety, jealousy, low self-esteem, lack of concentration, obsessive-compulsive thinking … and many other topics.

Come to our Workshop Balance emotions with Essential Oils, next THURSDAY, OCTOBER 19, at 7pm in Barcelona. Sala Gran Explorador, Doctor Roux 54 – Barcelona

Contribution: 5€ (2 hours workshop, from 7pm to 9pm)

Reserve for you, your friends and family in:

phone or whats 666 33 66 06
Email: xarrieterapiasnaturales@gmail.com