Emotional intelligence workshop for adults living with kids

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We present an emotional intelligence workshop to manage our emotions at home and at the same time teach our children to manage them. Or vice versa if it is easier for us! Teaching our children we learn. And with our example in the management of our emotions, our children learn. So we all win!

Come to this workshop for mothers and fathers, and if you are an adult without children in your charge, you can also come. The management of emotions is for everyone.

We will learn to:

  • Identify the basic emotions, what they serve and what ways we have to express them.
  • We will talk about the competences of a good emotional intelligence.
  • We will practice tools that can help us colive with our children.
  • To Be aware of the importance of the organisation at home in order to avoid the emotional “chaos”.
  • We will know some basic ideas to improve communication, understanding and coexistence management.
  • And finally, we will propose some powerful questions to resolve conflicts and unblock crisis with our children.

Thus through a good family organisation, a habit in expressing the needs of each and a habit in expressing our emotions (both those of joy and those of sadness, fear, anger) we can generate a space of harmony in our home.

Finally we will talk a little about the management of duels.

The mourning understood as the loss, both of a living being or of some activity, habit or custom that it must for whatever reason be changed. For example, due to an injury we have to leave a sport, due to a separation leave a house, due to a change of work leave our friends, etc …

The phases of grieving management:

  • the negation,
  • anger,
  • the sadness,
  • the acceptation
  • find meaning to what was lived
  • identify new reasons to live

Event Data Emotional Intelligence Workshop

  • Every wednesday from 10 to 13h
  • Place: Gran Explorador
  • Imparteix: Monica Cervera and Sonsoles Jiménez
  • Address: Doctor Roux, 54 – bajos 2 – 08017 Barcelona
  • Contribution:
    • 30€ pre payment – 35€ on the same day
  • Confirm assistance and pay for the activity -PAYMENT