Eliminate liquids and heal

Categories: Therapy.

Remove liquids is a need of our body, cleansing and healing.

And how do we eliminate liquids?

Our body does it in several ways,

  1. Through the urinary tract, with urine. We are all quite aware of this because traditional medicine has sensitized us for a long time with it. Drinking lots of water we get the urine cleaner and go healing ourselfs.
  2. Through the nasals. Colds usually end up with a good cleaning of mucus. It’s annoying, but it does us great. I’ve even seen people when they are in a situation of stress eliminating many mucus through the nasal passages. Relax, we are cleaning and healing. So again, we drink a lot of water and we are healing.
  3. A third route of elimination of liquids in women is menstruation. So women before those awful days of flow, keep calm and if necessary go to the bathroom every ten minutes. It is just that! Menstruation has many parameters to consider but especially it is a way of elimination and healing. Women we are fortunate to be able to clean our body every moon!
    1. So alerts to emotions or physical pain. Draw your attention to some physical or emotional part of our body. It’s talking to you.
    2. It can also simply be a need to stop. Stop doing so many things, breathe more and do less.
    3. For some women, pre-menstrual week is also a special week. Especially at the level of irritation and sensitivity that puts us above the clouds. If we look again on the positive side, use these days to perform tasks where you need specially your sensitivity. For example, write your diary, decorate your house, do this part of your work that needs creativity, paint, talk to these friends with whom you have confidence.
    4. Be alert to your intuitive side. Especially at the time of the pre-menstruation. Your senses do not fail!

Fluid removal is a faculty of the body that alerts us that there is something we need to remove. It is an alert in an emotional and physical level that we have to start a healing process or keep on with one we have in process. So be alert, the body can heal by eliminating liquids, but may also need more help. Either because you do not let it another option, or either because you do not rest and let the body heal by itself. It can also be because we are blocking the process.

This post is intended as a warning to sensibilice us to the fluid loss, not a help for healing. Consult a specialist in natural medicine in order to receive advice and help.