Ecstatic dance

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I’m going to write about ecstatic dance. Have you heard about it?

Well if you have heard about it, buy you have not gone any time, I would really recommend it to you. Ecstatic dance is a new way of going to the disco. But from my point of view, it is much better.

On one hand, you have the timetable. It usually starts early in the evening, between 18h and 19h and it ends between 21h and 22h. Two or three hours dancing with all your energy. Secondly, it is the atmosphere, without smoke or alcohol. Just lights, music and water, really clean. Thirdly, ecstatic is really nicer than going to the gym, but you can even feel more stiff with ecstatic. And finally, ecstatic dance is suitable for all ages. And for those of you a bit timid, ecstatic dance is made for you. Nobody looks at you, no talking about your way of dancing, moving o just laying down. The sense of freedom in your movements is total.

So what it’s ecstatic?

It’s a dance area where everything it’s allowed except from talking. The dj starts playing music, with many different rhythms, that drive you from one emotional state to another. The first songs to be played are usually more sounds than songs. And you may see that people start laying down on the floor. As the sound converts to music, people start getting up and dancing all around the room and the game starts. Yes, you can think it is a game, a game where you go under different emotional states where you happened to get to know yourself much better. The ecstatic session usually ends up with slowing up, calm music to relax either on you own or with others.

Where can you play ecstatic dance?

In Barcelona, there are two main groups which carry on this activity. Both are ecstatic dance but the environment in which the activity takes place makes the experience totally diferent. On one hand, you can go to “Institut del Teatre”. There, every Sunday at around 18h pm, the Djs, Albert or Arun drive the session. The space here is a wide and spacious class and the group can get up to 90 people if it’s celebrated on the small room or up to 120 people if it takes place on the big room. The second group is formed by Ferran, Joan and Enric. They conduct the ecstatic sessions in different places and not only in Barcelona but also in el Maresme and Vallés Occidental. In this case, for them the space is very important, so they choose to celebrate an ecstatic dance is a small room, with no more than 20 to 25 people and where the floor is usually a wooden floor and the space is much more confortable. This small group has therefore much more influence in the evolution of the ecstatic dance. The emotions that flow up during the session have a lot to do with the emotions of the group.

The price for the activity in both places is the same, between 10€ to 15€/person. And in both cases, it is common to have dinner after the session. However what makes the session special is always the Dj, how he feels and how he feels the group. Actually, it’s funny that in all the times that I’ve gone to an ecstatic session, only once was driven by a woman 🙂 Anyway, I was telling you about the Dj. His or her emotional state and the energy that the group drives is on the air, and on the music is chosen. So if you finally go to one session, don’t think all of them are the same.

Why is it a ecstatic dance session in Gran Explorador blog?

Well, I guess with all what I have explained it might sound a bit weird to you or not. Maybe interesting, maybe not … But I believe that above all, the ecstatic dance sessions are some kind of a therapy. The music chosen is not common music that you may listen anywhere. The music is a sort of therapy music, with vibrations that get to your heart. And the way they are mixed it is actually made to give you space for your feelings to go out.

Practical recommendations if you go to an ecstatic dance session

  • Bring a bottle of water, you get really thirsty.
  • Put on comfortable clothes and be ready to sweat a lot. And if better dance without socks.
  • Take a towel in case you can take a shower at the end. You might need it.

What can you feel on an ecstatic session?

Well, as a sort of therapy there is place for all kind of emotions. You can get really happy and dance like ever you have done, moving and getting inspired in new movements, you can also feel scared. What are people doing? Why are they moving so freely, savage, or erotic? Angry. Why is this person getting so close at me? Can I get away or can’t I? Why have I reacted moving aside, under or backing up him or her? Or even sadness, maybe crying or feeling alone although you are surrounded by lots of people. My experience with ecstatic dance has gone through all those emotions and interesting situations like making gymnastics, yoga assanas, playing kids games with a guy I did not even know or even breaking up the wired bars that had been blocking my heart for a long time.
So be prepared to feel a bit weird after the first session. You might think you have not liked it, it is not made for you or the music is too metal or whatever. Just, take your time. It might take you weeks, months or even years to go back again, but I bet you to go at least once more to an ecstatic dance session 🙂


Notice that we have classified this activity as highly surprising.