Drawing Mandalas

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Do you know what is a mandala?

It is a drawing in harmony, which usually has round shape or not.

Why writing about mandalas?

Because they also have been a source of inspiration to me.

In some environments the mandalas are used to relax, painting, choosing colors and drawing them you can enter into a state of relaxation and inner peace. This is one of the contributions of the mandalas but for me they have another more important goal and it is his wisdom or that one that you discover when painting  them. I will try to explain myself the best I can, but it is complex to transmit.

  • Firstly, when you get to paint mandalas let the mandala choose you and not the other way around. Look for options that mandala comes to you. Sometimes it can be just to open the book and the first page that you stop at, that is the chosen. Other times you go through the book and the one that catches up your attention that’s it. You can also read the topic of the mandala and pickt that one that attracts you the most. Leave the mandala come to you.
  • Secondly, prepare a box of assorted colors, it is easier to paint with markers, but it is not so relaxing. So take the sharpener and remember your school times.
  • And finally, begin painting the mandala from the outside towards the inside. Why from the outside to the inside? The fact is that doing so you are moving to your inner self, without bearing aware of it.  You start by surfacing among outside layers, the strongest ones and you keep diving inside into your inner layers, travelling directly to your heart. That does not mean that you will always reach your. Each mandala is a new experience! Listen and observe yourself, without comparing or searching results or goals.

A few tips when working mandala

  • If you leave a mandala unfinished, there it is. I do not recommend that you finish it another day. Your mood is different and the purpose of the mandala has changed. Start and paint or draw a new one.
  • Do not force yourself to finish a mandala. If you do not want to continue, leave it, your work is done, or maybe is not the time to work on it.
  • You can ask yourself a goal when painting mandalas. Of course! You can be seeking a solution to a problem, searching for the right, choosing between two or more options, looking at things from another point of view… Once you have set the goal, let it go. And begin looking at mandalas so the correct one chooses you.

Types of mandalas

  • Mandalas can be painted with paints.
  • You can also try starting with a white paper and drawing your own mandala.
  • Either make a mandala in nature with elements that you find.
  • Prepare a mandala with cuts of sheets of papers or magazines, with different colors, shapes and images.
  • Here are some of the drawings of mandalas we have done.

When making or painting a mandala?

  • I propose you to make a mandala in nature when you go hiking. Each of you can gather some element and when you reach the end, you can all build together a mandala.
  • Also at beginning of the year, sit a day at home with a round cardboard and a bunch of old magazines for cutting. Let your imagination fly and start cutting pieces of paper and placing them on the paper. Draw your own conclusions:)
  • Colour a mandala is a great solution when you want to find an answer to something. The way on how colors are combined, how you paint… gives you the solution.
  • To relax also it is a good solution to colour a mandala.
  • And finally, if you see a child painting a mandala, observe it. How he/she paints it, in which order, with which colours, strength, stroke, all that can be communicating you lots of things.