A day in the TSS, Social and Solidare Transpirenaica

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A day in the TSS …

I wake up at 6:30 in the morning, fatigue in the body starts to show around  but the scenery quickly makes one forget everything else. Early risers met outside to do some yoga exercises thanks to GranExplorador.

The final Omm gives way to hugs of good day and then all straight to enjoy breakfast. Mountain huts offer a fairly complete breakfast with fruit juices, coffee, tea and other herbal teas, bread with ham, cheese and mermelades. And some even offer pastries and fruit.

At 7:45 are ready to start the “good day wheel” and by  8 o’clock start walking. The “good day wheel” is started by the person who will be responsible for that day. Briefly tells the grup about the route we will follow, the difficulties, duration, major landmarks and approximate breaks to be performed. It also assigns the tail  person, that who will go at the end of the group thus ensuring that none is left behind.

Landscapes throughout the day are wonderful. Nature, animals, flowers, the brightness of the day, visibility beyond the distance … A gift each day for all the group members. There is time for everything, to walk alone, to talk in a group or in pairs, to laugh, to explain jokes, to deepen relationships or to surpass with light and transient conversations. Every day is different and each person arises one or other situations.

By midmorning we stop to do a little yoga exercise or cohesion group activity led by GranExplorador. Although at first many are surprised by them, acknowledgements about this activity arrived to me at the end. So I’m glad to have created this moments.

Then it’s time to eat and enjoy a deserved rest. The Pyrenees are beautiful to climb, sort, down and across but we all need some break! The meal in the Transpirenaica is usually a picnic that we have prepared the night before, and at lunch time the hunger makes us feel as if we were in a royal banquet.

After resuming the way we continue to the destination, the refuge. The faces of happiness to see the shelter give us breath again for the last steps. The arrival is a festival of laughter, jokes and comments. It’s time to shower, although it can be with ice water, wash clothes and get to chat comfortably until dinnertime.

The day ends with the Transpirenaica dinner at the shelter and a “locking wheel”. For me, this big wheel is one of the most important parts of the day. It is the time sitting in a circle where each one of us reviews its day and comments how he/she has felt,  what he/she has liked the most, is something has upset oneself, appreciations received, gifts from nature or persons, if there is something that could be improved … A moment to appreciate the little things we have got in life. As 42 days are quite a lot not to repeat oneself and enough to appreciate the small moments of pleasure that life gives us … in short to assess the present, here and now we enjoy together.

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