Dance classes

Categories: Therapy.

Give yourself a custom dance classes taught by dancer, teacher and choreographer Marina Salvador and have fun in a group!

You can choose between different types of dance: oriental, belly, Strip-Dance, Burlesque … Also, and only if you are a woman, you can dance with feather boa, Chair Sexy … quiet never took off our clothes!

Objectives dance sessions:

  • Learning to let go, feeling your body and enjoying the music.
  • Posture: upright and natural for dance (and your everyday life).
  • Dance technique: learn the movements of the dance executing them with precision, smoothness or power.
  • Understanding the structure of the songs, rhythm, melody, musical phrases …
  • Choreography: learning to memorize, stringing steps …
  • Improvisation: show what’s inside and desinibirte to create your own dance.
  • Special prices for Friends of Gran Explorador.


  • Maximum persons: 25
  • Minimum number of people: 6
  • Where it is already available locally to do the activity:
    • Barcelona, in the neighborhoods of Sants and Gracia
    • Castellbisbal, in the center (25 km from Barcelona)
  • You can do the activity at another location that propose (and I assume this cost you) or we can come to your house.
  • Prices. Prices quoted are for 2 h class per person