Course on monologues

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The monologues arise at every moment. On our walks and trips we dialogue with ourselves in order to elucidate the mysteries posed by the day. This internal dialogue, this andante soliloquy, can take shape on the scene through the tools of theater.

Words, gestures and actions allow us to transport the stage this look inside, turning introspection into a complex and brilliant theatrical genre: the theatrical monologue.

The course:
  • Professor material delivered as the course progresses (monologues, speeches, theatrical texts) will be used.
  • It can work with own monologues once finished the stage of content programmed by the teacher. Writing a personal monologue will be evaluated by student and teacher by common agreement in writing skills and interpretation.
  • There will be a joint final presentation of short monologues
  • Soliloquy / Monologue / internal dialogue
  • fourth wall
  • psychological introspection
  • Speech / Conference
  • Person / Character
  • Voice / Voices
  • Body / Bodies
  • Great monologues / Small soliloquies
  • Professor: Felipe Cabezas

Chilean actor, born in 1979 and resident in Barcelona since 2002. Specializing in the Commedia dell’Arte, is dedicated to theatrical monologue for more than 5 years. His first fleeting experience with “The Double Bass” by Patrick Sakind, introduced him to the lonely and tough world of One Man Show.

In 2009 premiere of “L’Ultima Notte del Capitano”, the result of a long research on the life of Francesco Andreini. Over the years, this work has toured several cities in Spain, Chile and Portugal, even volunteering as study material for students of the Master in Theatre Studies offered jointly by the Autonomous University of Barcelona, the Institut del Teatre, the Universitat Pompeu Fabra and the Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya.

In 2012 releases “Inferno”, about the life of Tristano Martinelli and his Arlecchino, and immediately he gets excellent reviews, which take part in various festivals in Spain, Italy, Portugal and Luxembourg. Gets Best Actor in Torrelavega Theatre Festival Award.

Criticism has been generous with its work and said of him:

  • “… There in the bright monologue that evoked in the text Cabezas resolved with absolute authority situation.” (A. J. Benach, La Vanguardia)
  • “… An exceptional Felipe Cabezas in his powerful, poétco and torrential recited with such overwhelming as calculated physical and temperamental deployment.” (Leisure Guide, Barcelona).
  • Small groups
  • From April to early July
  • Schedules to be agreed
  • The first class has a reduced price of 7 €. In hindsight, the monthly price for Friends of Gran Explorador is 33 € / month.