Course on Body awareness

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This course is designed to explore the possibilities of our body to create characters outside the actor himself. Any part of our body is likely to become someone or something with life and are its peculiarities and limitations which give clues about his personality and even the history you may want to tell.

The course:

  • Technique: part dedicated to developing a technical awareness of our movement. We will focus on the body joint, dinamorritmos movement, the undulation of the body (especially arms), fixed point, external forces … In short, what the most creative part asks us to develop.
  • Creation: we look at the body and its ability to become the relationship with objects and / or use of objects, in the rhythm of the character, to define our character and the metaphor of movement. We will also investigate the possibilities of relationship (or not) that have the character with his handler. This part will be developed, especially through improvisation exercises.
  • Scene: This part will focus more on the conflict that may want to have the character. We investigate the possibilities for the puppeteer to tell that story. We also will pay attention to the particularities that have the musical and choreographic scene and give some notes for the scenery (although the course is not building). They are individual scenes or group with which we will make a small sample at the end of the course.
  • Professor: Jose Antonio Puchades – “Geez”

Jose Antonio Puchades ( “Geez”): Diploma in Dramatic and specialized in gesture and mime Art, has participated in several projects of physical theater, dance and puppetry as an actor, director and teacher. He is currently focused on his personal project puppetry and physical theater in ?? zero Conduct.

  • The course is Tuesday from April to June, from 19 to 21 h
  • The first class has a reduced price of 7 €. In hindsight, the monthly price for Friends of Gran Explorador is 33 € month.