Consumer Community in Sarriá Sant Gervasi

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Good morning friends Explorers. In this post we want to inform you of an initiative in which we are collaborating in our neighborhood. It is a Consumer Community in Sarriá Sant Gervasi with no consumption minimums and with Products of Proximity and Quality!

In recent times we are seeing how important it is for us and our families to feed us correctly. The products we consume often follow a long and tedious distribution process that ends up hurting mainly the final product that comes to the table. First, the quality of the product is diminished by the large number of distributors and intermediaries that accumulate in the process (from the farmer, to the cooperative, to the macro distributor, to the micro distributor and in some cases to the restaurant). This endless list of intermediaries leads on the one hand to increase production in an unnatural way to cover costs (cows are inseminated 2 a year, when their natural cycle is 280 days, almost 9 months and they usually would have 2-3 calves in their whole life). And on the other hand to accelerate the process of food production (collect green and use refrigeration chambers) in order to receive income quickly. And secondly, the quality of the products is diminished by the use of pesticides and other chemicals that are introduced into the food chain to accelerate the product process (feed the animals), increase their production (to modify the genetics of Seeds for larger products) or modify their final presentation to satisfy the consumer (watermelons without seeds).

That is why we like to start this initiative in September in the neighborhood of Sarriá Sant Gervasi. During the last months we have been looking for producers of proximity to Barcelona who produce products in a responsible and quality way. Producers who have small productions and who are dedicated to offering quality and service to maintain a satisfied and therefore faithful clients.

Our proposal consists of:

  1. We have selected the producers we will work with.
  2. Each producer has introduced its products into the technological platform.
  3. Weekly, with limit on Sunday evening those who want to be part of our Consumer Community, can make their orders online. These orders are totally voluntary. Being a member of the Community is free. And being a member of the Community implies that you can buy when and how much you want. No consumption limits in quantity or frequency.
  4. TUESDAY the producers will come personally to our Community to bring your orders. We will make the basket of each Consumer grouping all the products that he/she has requested no matter of the supplier.
  5. And on TUESDAY from 18h to 19:30 you can come as a consumer to pick up your orders. C. Doctor Roux 54, 2.
  6. If you feel like joining our COMMUNITY is 100% FREE and you can come to enjoy our opening workshops and information for free as well.

Sign up here for our Community, Colmena Exploradora.

If you want more information, you can come any TUESDAY from 18h to 19:30 and see it yourself call or explain.