Colmena Explorador Poll

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Hifriends, as you know we are leading a Community for Responsible Eating, with consciousness and quality in Tres Torres, “Colmena Exploradora”.

We have prepared a survey that I would like you to complete in order to get to know our Community a little better. Do you want to help? It is totally anonymous and it will be good for us to get to know you and to outline the proposals!

Colmena Exploradora Hive is a space where we want to meet in the neighborhood to share our interest in responsible nutrition. A food that nurtures us and fills us with energy to share our day to day. Through food there is a lot of energy that we can contribute to our body but there is also a lot that we can reduce it. Do we know how important food is for everyone, for adults and also for children? In Colmena Exploradora we do know what implications food has on our day to day and that is why we encourage you to be part of this project.

Throughout our experience we will be explaining how different suppliers work so you can get to know them. Now you can meet our supplier of Beef and our supplier of healthy snacks and cakes.

We are also promoting other workshops and talks in our room so that we can meet altogether. Check the events section and get to know our cooking workshops, cacao workshops, emotions management workshops, essential oils workshops and other interesting proposals.