Collaborate in an sportive charity project TSS

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Are you up to collaborate in an sportive charity project TSS?  Transpirenaica and Gran Explorador?

For 42 days a team of young, athletes and professionals from different institutions and sectors will participate in a sporting event and Solidarity. Crossing Transpirenaica. From Gran Explorador we will bring our collaboration to the group of young people to support them in these 800 kilometers to shared values, life experiences and activities allow them to return to their daily lives with new hope, a new vision of reality and who can they contribute to society.

For this we ask your solidarity, because every young person need to walk:

  • specific mountain equipment: backpack (140 €), hiking boots (140 €), canes mountain (30 €), sandals mountain (90 €), socks (20 €), thermal shirts (16 €), fleece (85 €), thermal mesh (45 €), waterproof raincoat (80 €), water bottle (16 €), windbreakers (27 €), leggings (25 €), gloves (36 €), cap (19 €), glasses sun (40 €) and canteen (16 €). Total one person: 825 €
  • Food for 42 days, 50 € / day = 2,100 €
  • Transportation support team
  • Transfers
  • Objective: To raise 3,000 €

Make a donation! and if you prefer, call us and we help 93 205 99 12

Features Volunteer Action

  • Gran Explorador is a trademark of Petit Explorer, S.L. .. Company with NIF B64553522, fiscally domiciled in Calle Alacant 27, 08022 Barcelona.
  • The challenge arises to raise 3,000 € will be 100% dedicated to the cause of solidarity which includes expenses indicated above.
  • Gran Explorador does not charge a fee to users or companies to make their donations.
  • Gran Explorador deducted from the amount paid the bank charges for the use of paypal platform revenue. If a donor wants could also make payment directly via wire transfer to the Account in Caja de Ingenieros ES25 3025 0002 49 1433274453
  • You may request sending the tax certificate sending an email to The indication of the name, first and last name, ID number / CIF, address, zip code, email.
  • According to Law 49/2002 Patronage, donations made in favor of entities benefiting from patronage activity give the right to a refund in the amount of personal tax on income of the donor. From 1 January 2016 this deduction will be as follows:
    • Income Tax – Income Tax of Individuals
    • Up to 150 € in grants to one or more entities 75%
    • Donations from 150 €. 30% in general. If you have donated at least 150 € to the same entity in the previous two years, 35%
    • IS – corporation tax, rebate of 35% or 40% (as previous years)