Clown course

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How to define a clown? There are as many definitions as clowns. The Italian director Federico Fellini’s film “The clowns are the aristocrats of the actors.” Yes, the clowns are actors, but unlike them, do not build a character, but have the courage to put their humanity on stage.

The clown uses our emotions, fears, strengths, weaknesses … The clown is not built, is released. We’ve all been children and we wanted to be center of attention simply saying a phrase or playing happy. And it’s about the game where the clown grows, though he does not have age.

The clown is like Educa Games: 0 to 99 years. It is in the game where the clown develops and can achieve the quality that makes it unique and unrepeatable, able to laugh and excite, to create the hilarious absurdity or the tenderest poetry, make us dream showing us the reality of character his humanity. We all have a clown inside and we just have to let it out.

The course:

  • During the game, rhythm and listening, important to go releasing our clown and enter the building steps gags work. It will work with objects, using them as tools to get our imagination. individual and collective work, solos, duos and trios will be made. In the collective work will be played with the different types of classic clown: the august, the contraaugusto and white face. You will also learn to be slapped and fall, reminding some classic circus tickets. The intention is that when we finish the work everyone gets connected and know your clown.
  • Professor David Gol
  • Clown and ringmaster. Degree in drama at the School of Theater of Barcelona. Complemented his studies with di Franco Francesco Antonio, Georg Maria Pauen, Boris Rottenstein, Jacques Lassard, Pierre Pilate, Eric de Bont, with disciplines like Greek tragedy, Commedia dellâArte, Grotowski method and Jacques Lecoq, fencing, dramatic acrobatics and deepens the clown Michel Dallaire, former director of Cirque du Soleil clowns.

As an actor he has worked on:

  • “Colometa gypsy”, directed by Sergi Belbel in the Romea theater
  • “Enemic de classe”, with Josep Maria Mestres
  • “Això if that is life,” under the direction of Peter Gadish, in room Beckett

As clown has worked on:

  • “Amalgam” with Galindos (world tour in 4 years)
  • Street performances with Sarruga and Disciples of Morales.
  • He has founded several companies (The Scalextris Experience, CousCousClown and La Górgola) and has participated in expeditions of Clowns Without Borders in South America for two seasons.
  • He has directed the “Cabarets Circus” Festival Grec 2012, “Classix Klowns” with Monti, “agrees Circus Rusty”, “Satrup” Circ Bover, “Master non e possibile” of DeMortimers, “Pearls and feathers” with Los Gingers and “Café d’olla” with Atticus, among others.
  • As a teacher teaches clown in the School of Theater of Barcelona, in the circus school Rogelio Rivel, Patothom, DISH Cinema and assists in the NCI clown school with Jango Edwards.

Course Features

  • The course is on Mondays from April to June, from 19 to 21 h
  • The first class has a reduced price of 7 €. In hindsight, the monthly price for Friends of Great Explorer is 33 € / month.