Fruit skewer with chocolate

Categories: Natural Product.

I want to finish the summer with a delicious dessert? How about a fruit skewer with chocolate? A vegetarian, cool, easy and fun dessert that will make you look good in your summer farewells!


  • 2 bananas
  • 2 apples
  • 2 pears
  • 2 mandarines
  • 20 pieces of grape
  • 2 oranges
  • 10 long sticks

Now it is time to cut the fruit into pieces and fill the sticks with some synchrony to combine colors. And this is the most creative and complicated part of the recipe. The first part it is really easy but  this one requires a little more attention. Keep trying to see which combination is the most beautiful, it fits best with your dishes and you like most. Then warm the tablet black chocolate, 70% cocoa is a great choice and sprinkle lightly over the skewers.

What options do we have to place the fruit?

a) Bundled color, ie apples and pears followed by mandarins and oranges together and bananas and grapes separately.

b) Separate fruits by color, ie we have four ranges white, orange and then yellow and green. White and orange have two pieces, so we could collate them together and end with yellow and green. Or, leave the center yellow and green and then follow the ends with orange and yellow.

c) Another option is to work with the colors creating a line of degraded starting with warm colors like white, through green and arriving to orange, but of course it depends on the shade of our fruit.

d) Another option is to group them by shape. Oval grape, tangerine crescent shaped, circular banana and the rest squares. So we can also create fun series.

e) We also have the option of working with flavors, acidity playing with tangerine and orange,

c) And finally we have the option of texture, in this case to combine the different textures can be a good choice to start with tough textures like banana, go to hard textures like the apple and pear continue with the softness of orange and tangerine and ending with a juicy grape.

Are you getting hungry? We are! So let’s get to eat some fruit!