Casa Cerdanya, Beef supplier

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Good day friends,

As you know shortly we will be offering the possibility of buying responsible and proximity products in our offices, Tuesdays from 18h to 19:30.

Yesterday we met Andreas and Diego, workers of Casa Cerdanya, our supplier of Beef. Thank you both for passing on your knowledge. We are convinced in Gran Explorador that through communication and information is how the consumers are going to get closer and closer to your products because the work done with respect towards all gives very good results.

So here we explain the main characteristics of Beef Cerdanya Casa:

  • The cows in Casa Cerdanya graze for eight months a year in large pastures of Cerdanya. Eating as they wish to within the rented land in Puigcerdà and surroundings.
  •  The calves suckle their mothers for 8 months and it is afterwards that for around 3 to 4 months that they feed on natural fodder, well elaborated without adding hormones or ingredients that cause them anxiety, desire to devour everything, etc. Is it familiar to you those symptoms. If the calf suffers then we also do. Hence a good feeding of our calves it is important so we also are healthy and strong physically and emotionally.
  • In Casa Cerdanya cows and bulls reproduce naturally. They decide where to choose and can do it without artificial insemination. Nicely, unlike other centers where cows are inseminated with semen selected.

How do they make our products in Casa Cerdanya:

  • The meat, once cut, is allowed to stand for 4 or 5 days so that the muscle relaxes and gets more tender.
  • From each calf it is used everything, and therefore there will be a tail for a calf, some steaks, etc … There is no overproduction to have them wasted and recycling.
  • The meat is made without preservatives or artificial colourings. Only pepper is added as a natural preservative. Hence you will see that the color is not red !! Not the red of a hamburger! And therefore its consumption has an expiration of one week if the meat is to piece and of 3 days if it is chopped (hamburger and minced meat).
  • And everything is vacumm packed for better conservation.

What can you buy at Casa Cerdanya through our Beehive?

  • Beef burgers
  • Chopped veal
  • Steaks and veal entrecots
  • Round cut of beef
  • Pork sausage and sausage
  • Fuet and salchichon
  • Beef carpaccio
  • White catalan sausage

How can you buy?