Californian Massage

Categories: Therapy.

The Californian massage was born in the (Big Sur, California) Esalen Institute in the sixties. It was a community founded by people with diverse backgrounds where most had spent long periods in places like India, Thailand, Tibet, etc. The Californian massage was born as a mix of massage techniques with origins in ayurveda, Thai, Hawaiian massage, visceral mobilization and cranial sacral therapy, in which raw understand the person as a whole. It is a holistic massage.

The movements of this massage are long and surround the body like a caress and it is intended to restore and release, therefore, it is a very deep and intense massage.

With this massage you get to disconnect from your everyday life and enter a state of deep relaxation!

Contact Xavi and enjoy this 1 hour full body massage. Taking care of your body as well as helping the energy to flow along your body. A full body massage that leads you into a high level of relaxation. Even falling sleep. The californian massage has a duration of 60 minutes and it is applied together with oil. The californian massage is a whole body massage. It is held at our worskhop room in Barcelona.

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