Bio Built Txema Bam

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Built Bio Txema Bam space for the first time in the 48h Open House Barcelona.

What shall we highlight about Bio Built Txema Bam?

  • First it is easy to highlight its construction. It is a building with natural materials, recycling, composting and reusin spaces. If you come to visit, you will see that walls are made of straw, recycled cotton for thermal insulation, wool, foam concrete, fiber hemp, earth, finished clay with natural pigments, cellular glass that expands with heat. A healthy biocompostables space built with healthy materials. .
  • Secondly, the construction of the space that has taken place during the last two years has been done with donations from citizens who believe in the cause through “crowfunding”. Now having the opportunity to share this protected, green and healthy space for their personal or professional activities.
  • Third it is fair to highlight the good practices in the self-management of this public space. The association that manages the building, the BAM, Mediterranean Biorarquitectura promotes sharing the space with the neighbourhood, offering the building for neighbourhood activities, activities for families with children and activities for women.
  • Finally its use. This is a building to work, train or promote dissemination activities focused on the exchange of experiences and collective efforts. In order to promote common good experiences.

What activities can share in the Bio Built Txema Bam Space?

  • Workshops on how to transform the spaces we live in healthier places.
  • Home appliances repairing. A team of volunteers from the #FundaciónFeniss – Energy and Innovation Foundation, can help you and teach you how to make your own repairations.
  • Workshops with Aethernos sounds, harmonic baths to relax and heal immersing you on a musical journey with harmonic instruments where you travel with your subconscious frequencies. an incredible experience!
  • Outdoor Movies
  • Gospel Concerts