Barcelona World Race Solidarity

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Around the world to turn the world around.

The Barcelona World Race has been held for three editions. A sailing race, two crew by boat, nonstop. This is a race of 90 days with departure and arrival in Barcelona city, in which sports and human skills are tested like and in the case of Anna and Gerard as well as solidarity.

The Barcelona World Race 2014/15 took place from December 2014 to February 31, 2015, and for about 90 days the ships traveled 23,320 nautical miles, leaving the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, Leeuwin in Australia and Cape Horn in Chile to return to the Atlantic Coast and the Mediterranean Sea. In three months, sailors passed through twelve climatic zones and three oceans, sailing under the sun, moon, stars, storms, heat and cold.

Anna Corbella and Gerard Marín made an sportive award sailing around the world to turn the world more solidare with the hand of Vicente Ferrer and GAES Solidaria Foundation. They conquered the third place on the podium and the first place in the heart of a group of girls with deep deafness in rural India.

Once again a project that links sport and solidarity, sharing values ​​such as:

  • The struggle against adversity. On the boat to exceed 53 days without seeing a piece of land. In India to dance a choreography without the concept of rhythm or hearing the music, but simply moving your body with ease and much guided by colored lights that turn on and off sensitivity.
  • Perseverance facing difficulties. On the boat for taking out gallons of water and preventing the sail from tearing. In India the constancy of attending a therapy to get words out after suffering a deep deafness.
  • The courage and bravery to go ahead to an uncertain future. On the boat, 90 days sailing trusting your comrades, which will cover the evenings, will support you in slumps, cry with you and laugh. In India under pressure from a hearing test, trusting that you will have improved and you’ll hear a bit more than last time.
  • The excitement and enthusiasm to achieve a goal. In the boat hoist the sail again and again knowing that one day you will Barcelona again. In India facing the face of your family and teachers who strive for something you do not even know what it is.
  • Fellowship of teamwork. On the boat between two equal team members. In India a job among several classmates, socially marginalized as women and discriminated for being deaf.

A project that brings together individuals and entities on a long journey. A project of people who believe one and the other and are supported to achieve a common goal: a group of girls who have never heard nor articulate a sound, can hear and get to have a normal life.

Anna and Gerard spent 90 days hoisting logo Vicente Ferrer foundation time after time in their candle and thinking about the effort day after day were doing the deaf girls. After the race they spend a week in rural India with the girls. They noted their fears to pass the tests of hearing aids, their faces of joy when they heard their first sound, panic caused to them to see how the headset with silicone was places inside their ear. The race was hard, eating freeze-dried products and keeping prizes such as condensed milk for moments of celebration. Something like the times when girls with their hearing aid heard the sound of the vowels for the first time or the effort involved once they heard the sounds to articulate the words.

Congratulations girls, Anna and Gerard congratulations and congratulations to everyone for believing in a united world.