Barcelona Magic Line 2017

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Again this year the Social Work of the Hospital of San Joan de Déu opens to the city of Barcelona to share their work with them. This year under the slogan “kilometers of dreams ”

Barcelona Magic Line 2017, 7 options to participate

There are several options to participate in the Barcelona Magic Line. First if you do not know what it is you can read our previous posts. And to give you a brushstroke we remind you that it is a solidar sporting event in Barcelona. #GranBML #PetitBML

How can you participate in BML 2017?Editar la traducción Español

  1. Walking around the city and being part of this great project. To sign up you only have to create a group of 5 to 20 people and on March 5 join us in your illusions walking the miles you can.
  2. Creating a group to get euros of illusions. Through different events that you can do during these months from November to March, you can raise money by organizing solidarity activities and make the donation to the Magic Line 2017. Incrementing the count of illusions of our city.
  3. Spreading the project, sharing in social networks this post, the video and making it known to your friends and colleagues.
  4. If you feel like creating a good working environment, you can also create a team with your company. It will help you to get to know your working mates better, create a good team and get to know you better.
  5. You can also collaborate with material. Walkers along the miles of illusions receive water, fruit, biscuits and some other food to follow the path. If your company can contribute with some material, you will be welcome!
  6. If you have a team of young people or people in vulnerable situation and you want to volunteer. You can also join the Barcelona Magic Line 2107 and share your illusions with us.
  7. The schools and leisure associations also have their space in the Barcelona Magic Line 2017. If you want to have your team and tell your students the different projects that are organized by San Joan de Déu, the BML has material to offer the Schools and groups of young people to work in the classroom before participating in solidarity miles. Testimonies of vulnerable people, teaching material and colloquios to show the situations of people with unbalanced mental health, people who require the support of another adult, homeless or the situation of children, and youngs hospitalized.

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