Apps to accomplish your goals and objetives

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Good day,

Have you proposed yoursel any challenge for this 2018? We are already finishing February … how are your goals? your challenges? Are you on the way? Are you getting to achieve it? With Gran Explorador we did the Workshop to present your 2018 goals and it is time to take a little balance and see how you are going with your challenges, with your goals. Have you already done a checkpoint? We propose you some Apps to accomplish your goals and objetives, applications so you can go reviewing your goals and your challenges.

  1. Fabulous – Motivate me. It is defined as an application with integrated coaching! An emanator of happiness for you to achieve your New Year’s resolutions. It is based on Zen and Vipassana meditations to improve breathing and thus concentration. A mindfulness tool that also includes stretching exercises and naps with visualizations to empower you. Something that professional athletes have been working for a while. Your proposal is to start with a morning routine based on your daily habits.
    • Have you ever struggled to get out of your bed in the mornings?
    • Do you know what is the best diet to feel more energized?
    • Do you feel fatigued and tired … and it’s not even half a day?
    • Have you ever had a morning routine?
    • Do you want to feel full of energy for 5 hours?
    • Do you have sleep problems, thanks to the “blue screens”?
    • Can not you focus on a simple task for Attention Deficit?
    • Yes, you have used it and want to share your opinion with us!
  2. Challenges 21.
    • This application has seemed very interesting and simple. You mark your goals and you have a follow-up for 21 days to get it. It’s easy and it makes work easier.
    • The goal is that you can start a new habit. Apps to accomplish your goals and objetives
      • Formulate your habit in POSITIVE. That is, instead of saying NO I will have dinner, I will NOT smoke, I will NOT eat sweets, etc. The forms in positive. YES I will have an INFUSION, if I will buy a package of sweets every time I enter the tobacconist, I will eat a sweet every day in the middle of the afternoon.
      • The proposal is then to stay 21 days doing it. Like you look for the house keys in your bag, without noticing when you are in the elevator, in the goal, going down etc … And if you asked you would not know, in the same way you can change your habit and acquire one new.
      • The application allows you to include your own challenge or choose one of those proposed by them. We suggest you start with ONE challenge.
      • Throughout the 21 days, you will be asked to include if you have achieved it! And so until the 21st a reminder and a congratulation. It is important to think what prize you will have for you when you have managed to reach day 21!
  3. Feel – Mindfulness and positive psychology
    • This application to start is interesting in terms of the initial test that you do. Try to do it on a low day, if you do one of those days when everything has gone pearl … little help you will have 🙂
    • The way to do a follow-up and several steps give you a guide so that you create habits of mindfulness or full attention. The Feel methodology is part of the Create Health project for the creation of healthy habits of the Facility Foundation. It is a non-profit project. Siente’s goal is to help you improve your level of well-being through guided meditation in Spanish, mindfulness and positive psychology.
    • In the application you will have 7 free mindfulness sessions in Spanish, positive psychology exercises, solidarity group meditations and then payment options.
  4. Insight Timer
    1. This application is interesting in that you can choose between guided meditations or meditate with time stipulating your challenge.
    2. The management of the challenge is more for the public. As you are doing sessions your user to acquire stars. Your friends and colleagues can see the little stars you have and the colors.
    3. It allows you to rely on other friends and colleagues to achieve the challenges. Stay to improve yourself etc.