Animals therapy

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Toca-Toca animals is a very enriching activity that involves the interaction of people with animals of different species, having, if physical contact with them is desired. Its main objectives are to take advantage of proven therapeutic effects exerted by the animals over humans.

How does the Toca-Toca work?

  • Animals travel in cages.
  • Upon arrival monitors take the place reserved for the activity, which may be inside (room) or outside (outdoor or garden).
  • Participants are arranged in a circle, they are given a brief explanation of the animal and then they can, if they wish, pick it up or touch it, following the instructions of the monitor. It is not mandatory to touch any animal, of course.

We start with the most common animals (rabbits, chickens, …) and gradually give pas to the most exotic ones.

List of animals:

  • Birds (Eagle and Eagle Owl)
  • dwarf rabbit
  • Guinea pig
  • Hedgehog
  • Frog
  • Iguana
  • Water turtle
  • Giant tortoise
  • chicks
  • Little Kids

We can also bring more exotic animals like chameleons, snakes, spiders, etc.

  • The touch-touch activity can be performed at any point of Catalonia (animals and monitors are moved to the place).
  • The list of animals available will vary somewhat depending on the life cycle of each species and weather conditions.
  • Duration of activity: 45 minutes to 1 hour (maximum), enough to keep the group’s attention and respect animals (minimum).
  • Maximum 25 people per group.