About Gran Explorador

Welcome to GranExplorador.com Blog,

GranExplorador.com is the sister’s company of Petit Explorador. Petit Explorador was created in 2007 to support families and guardians in their leisure time with children. For an education based on leisure with quality.

GranExplorador is founded to comunicate, inform and explore activities for personal growth and sport volunteering. That includes activities to remove stress, yoga, mindfulness, relaxing holidays, therapists, personal growth, courses and training in nutrition, organic food, relaxation and other workshops.

GranExplorador completes its offer with a blog where we can explain the different activities and experiences that we carry on both volunteering and in workshops, trips, courses and other activities. We love trying and experiencing so if you want to write about your personal growth activity, please contact us.

Posts set out in Gran Explorador’blog are personal experiences in no case we assume any responsibility for exposing our personal experience. Each one is free to read the post and implement it or leave it where it is.

That said, we have rated posts depending on the emotional impact of activities, workshops, or therapies that we propose. The classification responds to:

  • Low surprising activity. Therapy, workshop or activity with conventional standards at the beginning of the 21st century. We classify activities such as “little surprising” If anyone is prepared to assist, as prepared on the emotional level. Physical abilities or other personal situations are not evaluated under this parameter.
  • Medium surprising activity. Therapy, workshop or activity with standards a little unusual at the beginning of the 21st century. We classified as “moderately surprising” if we believe that people who are taking a personal growth way can attend them or participate in the  workshops or therapies and finish them with some surprise. Although, they can end the activity and decide whether they want or not make it again without involving themself in any big values change.
  • Highly surprising activity is for us a workshop, activity or therapy which requires prior activity of personal growth. We do not recommend this type of activities, workshops, or therapies to people who are starting a process of personal growth. Understanding as less than 7 years with this and have failed other therapies of little suprising that we discussed in the blog.