A trip to Madrid

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Is travelling to Madrid an experience of inner peace? It may seem a great fallacy, a joke, but we suggest some places to find a calm setting for your personal recollection. Especially considering that many times a trip to Madrid is due to work reasons and not pleasure. Our recommendations for quiet plans to visit Madrid are.

  1. Watch the sun rise from the bird or planeamanecer_avion
  2. Meditate at the Museo del Prado. Strolling through the different rooms of the museum and is itself a nice meditation, standing before the pictures, observe the minute details of the works, flowers, faces, clothes sheets, precious details of view. For example the painting “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by El Boscoel_jardin_de_las_delicias
  3. Watch the sunset at the Temple of Debod. Quiet and magical by the history of its stones and well positioned to see the skyline. Paseo del Pintor Rosales, 2. Egyptian temple dedicated to the goddess Isis, goddess of magic, as magical as the place in which it is located. templo_debod_atardecer
  4. See the Sunset. A beautiful place for this is the park of the cable car station in the neighborhood of Rosales. You can propose other whenever you want!puesta_sol_rosales
  5. Embracing a tree in the gardens of Campo del Moro and Plaza de Oriente or in the Huerto de las Monjas, c. 7. sacrament plaza_orienteplaza_oriente
  6. Walk at night by the Royal Palace, a quiet people and especially cars.
  7. Sit in the Retiro Park. Perhaps the best area to make it easy to be near the entrance to the Cuesta de Moyano. parque_retiro
  8. Meditate on the Blessed Sacrament Chapel of the Cathedral of the Almudena, Bailen 8. Bella where there is a chapel decorated with scenes from the Bible that would highlight the tile colors.catedral_almudena


And if you travel with kids and teenagers to Madrid, we can propose some activities to share with them as well.