A Collage of your dreams

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Good morning, today we talk about motivation. That word that often we get out of us to make it fall on our neighbours. Ohh, this does not motivate me, my boss does not motivate me, school is boring, and it does not motivate me, I’m not motivated at all, it’s a mess!

Is motivation our work or others work?

If you have already read several of our articles, I’m sure you will by now have a clear answer. In fact, does it sound real to you to look for your personal solutions on others? Is it easy that others can solve your own problems. I guess it sounds wiard and difficult to ensure that our success depends on others. Isn’t it true? Therefore, we propose yourself an exercise to work on your own motivation, which as said, it only depends on you.

A Collage of your dreams

It is an easy and simple exercise. An exercise that works first with our conscious to identify dreams and later with our subconscious to get motivated.

The steps to create a collage of dreams are:

  • Identify categories of our dreams. What would we like to achieve when we think on relationships, material things, social life, work and in  our personal area? And we would add the gratitude category. What would we like to thank life for?
  • Dream big. Our second step is to identify for each category that dream we would like to get to. In terms of relationships, family, couple, group of friends, work, personal goals, things … For every dream we look to express with adjectives what would be like to be our ideal. And think big! Finally, it is time to find a picture that represents or makes us feel this way.
  • Let’s do it. Once we have photographs, it’s time to pick a board and pin them. Here each of us has its own artistic side. Some may determine to make a collage as a mandala, rounded, while others collage might look like a star where each point is a category. It is also possible to build a rectangular cardboard with columns for each category. Let you find out which one fits you best today!
  • Have our collage visible. Now it is the time when some of you might do the collage and keep it. Keep on your wardrove your dreams until the next time you read an article like this …  And therefore, leaving your dreams still being dreams. The proposal here is just the opposite. Our proposal is to have our dreams visible. To have our collage hanged in a place where we can see it and spend a minute a day or so, to remember each of the pictures we have decided to hang up. And remember why we choose them. What they represent for us. What do we expect from them.
  • To rectify, a necessary point. Rectifying is part of our way. Modify our collage, make changes, add, delete, … all options are accepted in life. Our dreams change, circumstances that we live make us see life differently. That is why we must be opened to changes in our collage, in our dreams. Because, then our life will also be open to new changes.
  • And finally, thanks. Can we start by giving thanks for what has been given to us? This thinks that we have already achieved. The goals already achieved are as important as defining new-ones. So why can we not leave a space on our collage for gratitude?

Enjoy your dreams’ collage have a nice happy day!