9 steps to define your 2017 Goals

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Fill your pretty face with a big smile! I would like to make a proposition in order to fill your pretty face with a big sime. I propose to start with the next 9 steps, do not cheat yourself, they are not simple but fun!

9 steps to define your 2017 Goals


Start by thinking 3 things you would like to achieve with your body. Surely you have thought that you could feed your body better, exercise more, practice yoga, be more elastic, have good abs, wear trimmed hair, maybe have your nails done … Write 3 on a piece of paper. Think of the rule of plus and minus. That is to say what you want more in your body and what you want less in your body. That will help.



Let’s go with step number two. Now focus on your personal relationships. Think of 3 relationships you currently have and you would want to do something more in them or you would want to eliminate something in any of them. We return to the rule of plus and minus. For example, what does your relationship with your partner have that you would like to improve or do not exist and would you like to include? What is missing in that relationship? Ask yourself these questions for three relationships, with friends, family, colleagues, co-workers, etc …



Third step, dream !! Dream for a while. Close your eyes and discover yourself. What are your hobbies? What would you like to include about hobbies in this year? Travel? Study? Learning? Playing? Practicing any sport? Sharing? Dream and choose again 3 dreams in your hobbies. 3 specific dreams. In my case in hobbies or dreams I include work. It may be paradoxical, but it makes a lot of sense to me. You can try it, just as you try! It might suprise you.



We continue with the fourth step. Now we are going with material goals. I imagine material things that you would like to have. A car, a mobile, clothes, a surfboard, a drawing kit, clothes, an apartment, a house, … be generous with your goals, think big! And choose 3.



Once it is done, I propose that you look for an image of each, you will have 12 in total, more or less. Be flexible with yourself! If one goes 4 or 5 enjoy it and if you have 1 or 2 in any category will be because they are important to you, maybe?


  1. Now you need to have them visible. This part is important! Choose which option you like best to have them visible.
  • mesita_noche_collage Print them and hook them into a cardboard that you can have on the bedside table.
  • mural_oficina Hang the card in your office or home
  • mousepad_collage Plasticize the cardboard and make it your mousepad
  • salvapantallas_collage Put it as a wallpaper on your PC
  • movil_collage Include it in the mobile as screensavers and let it go jumping.
  • nevera_collage Hang it in the fridge
  • …. choose the option you like most …


Step 7, Identify those daily activities with which you have difficulties. Well because it is an obligation, because the effort is excessive, because they are bored, because you do not see sense, because they dislike you, because they are too complicated, too easy or repetitive or an unreachable challenge, etc …



Now I suggest that each time you find yourself in one of the situations of the previous point identify with which objective you would associate. What do you achieve by doing this activity that is aligned with your goals, your challenges, your plans?



Smile! Once you identify why you are doing this activity, SMILE. Climbing to the top is arduous but if you know which target to go up, it makes it much more rewarding. And reaching the top well deserves a GREAT SMILE