7 books on conscious motherhood

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Our recomendation of a list of books on conscious motherhood for all mums with babies, children or teenagers or those pregnant in order to be conscious of their childbirth.

Conscious Motherhood in the Liber 2016

A proposal of books to learn, listen and feel the whole process of motherhood. A time where the presence itself is really important for two issues, the first because it seems that everyone with whom you come across has the opportunity and feels the right to have a say about your experience, pregnancy, childbirth, care baby or education. The second, on the responsibility of bringing a new soul inyours during pregnancy and then the responsibility of being the guide, the light of your children.

Our book proposals for a maternity consciousness break the myths of the child birth difficulty or the impossibility of communicating with your children in their adolescence.

  1. Guide for a conscious women for better delivery. Of Henci Goer. 380 pages. Editorial obstare. Precious pages to know your options before giving birth.


2. Giving birth without fear. Consuelo Ruiz Vélez-Frías. 224 pages. Editorial obstare. 5th edition! to know what is really giving birth, away from fear. Knowing a delivery from love, self-esteem delivery. parir_sin_miedo


  1. Sleeping without mourn. Editorial obstare. 260 + 50 pages to make an assessment of how is the dream of your baby.


  1. The new interpretation of cavities. Christian Beyer. Editorial El grano de mostaza. la_nueva_interpretacion_caries

  2. Quiet and attentive like a frog. Editorial Kairos. Eline Snel. Exercises to practice meditation with children. tranquilos_y_atentos

  3. Breathe. Editorial Kairos. Eline Snel. Getting closer to our children in their adolescence.
    Because in this period of their life the myth that relationships are complicated, relationships are not possible between parents and teens is again a a topic. A topic to break and not let us limit in our relationships with our children. respirad

  4. The Red Book of girls and the Golden book of boys. The book of femininity and the road to maturity for her and the book of masculinity and the way to respect himself and obey himself for him. el_libro_rojo_de_las_ninas  el_libro_dorado_de_los_ninos