6 challenges of a vegetarian diet

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Have you proposed yourself to follow a vegetarian diet? The reasons are many but we will mention the difficulties that can be found as the awareness of them may get you to overcome them and thus achieve your goal.

Why when trying to follow a vegetarian diet we stop halfway?

6 challenges of a vegetarian diet

  1. Start a change in our life requires new habits and routines. The hardest thing is to break the patterns that we have assimilated and get new patterns of behavior on our daily lives.
  2. Another impediment to becoming a vegetarian is to break traditional schemes. We know already what we are talking about … phrases like traditional milk provides calcium or it is necessary to eat meat to get proteins, etc.
  3. Tasting new flavors is also an aspect to consider. It is often said that we are not able to assess with certainty what it is good and what not for our body or mouth until we have not eaten it for at least 16 times. So keep trying and do not let it down on the first try. Remember a baby eating his/her first pureed fruit  … tasting the acid, bitter, sweet, … for the first time.
  4. Walikng through the supermarket shelf is also a test to overcome. Once you know a place it makes it hard for your eyes to look at different things and not to go with the “direct” set! Here we propose you  to try a new supermarket and try a change to discover new products.
  5. Vegetarian cooking also requires that our body gets used to find nutrients differently, it also has to learn another way to work, digest and nourish itself. It needs time!
  6. One aspect that is often quite restrictive is that we often confuse taking vegetarian dishes in our diet with just eliminating meat and fish. Thus we are not able to provide all the necessary nutrients for our body, our mind and our soul , they are not in harmony. Vegetarian cuisine is much more than to stop eating meat and fish!
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Happy pilgrims day life!