5 x 5 Barcelona Magic Line 2016

Categories: Solidarity.

Once more “Hospital San Joan de Deu” in Barcelona” volunteering has managed to mobilize people, businesses and capital. Congratulations #josocbml. The Barcelona Magic Line began in 2014 as a charitable action to raise funds for the San Juan de Dios Hospital in Barcelona. Since then each year at the same time point, the event organizers have surprised us with a great organization that is improving year after year.

5 reasons why we like to participate in the Barcelona Magic Line 2016

  1. Because it is a charitable activity.
  2. Beacuse it takes place in our city, Barcelona.
  3. Because it is an open-air activity, healthy and natural.
  4. Because we do team building. Each of us does its own effort. Dealing with the various objectives of the group, managing times and speeds and accepting the needs of each member. All the work that has its pay off with the richness of being part of a group.
  5. Because we do exercise and strength our muscles.

5 Ways to cooperate in Barcelona Magic Line 2016

  1. As a company providing products like #Borges #Diet #CosaBona or #Bonpreu have done with food.
  2. As a young teen, volunteering at each of the checkpoints to signal the way or give beverages and food.
  3. As a foundation handling surprises along the way.
  4. As a citizen walking and letting other know the event.
  5. As a human being helping others.

5 gifts we have gathered from the Barcelona Magic Line 2016

  1. Being part of a worthy cause.
  2. Walking through the Botanical Garden of Barcelona.
  3. Enjoying nice xocolate.
  4. Our motive exposed along the way “exploring new ways”. It has specially motivated us.
  5. A cushion hand painted by members of the #FundacióBaytAl-Thaqafa.

5 single work we have done during the Barcelona Magic Line 2016

  1. Walking a few kilometers in silence.
  2. A brief meditation in the Botanical Garden of Barcelona.
  3. Greet each and every one of the volunteers with whom we met. A smile, a good day or a greeting of thanks.
  4. Saying thanks 30 times, once for each kilometer we have walked.
  5. Attending the event although the weather forecasts had predicted bad weather, rain and cold. Luckily, the sun accompanied us and heated for much of the way.

5 Ideas on Barcelona Magic Line 2016

  1. It is a charity event organized by San Juan de Dios in favour of the most vulnerable in our society. Social support to families at risk by providing food, hygiene, transport and accommodation. Flats or social inclusion flats where volunteers and specialized temporary professionals help people unattended, promoting autonomy and links to a community. With specialized therapies such as music therapy, therapy to develop personal and social skills. With international cooperation, “solidarity is a way to rebel against the injustice of being born in some parts of the world as” Dr. Francisco José Cambra, director of Cuidam program. And with social and biomedical research.
  2. It is a noncompetitive walk in teams by the hills of Barcelona. Each team solidarity manages an economic challenge and a walking challenge. That one can be 10, 20, 30 or 40 kilometers. Registration of a team costs 30 € and then each team or member may donate or organize events to increase its revenue.
  3. People of all ages and conditions can participate, as there are sections for children and for people with reduced movility. The 40 kilometers challenge can be done by those with a faster capacity.
  4. The Magic Line 2015 raised € 225,000 and the Magic Line 2014 grossed € 137,000.
  5. The Barcelona Magic Line is complemented by two other sporting and charity events #Trailwalker and #Corremjunts where the #ObraSocialSanJuandeDios collaborate, sharing #Aspasim # OxfamIn1termón and values.


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