5 Wonders of the Transpirenaica Social and Solidarity

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5 Transpirenaica wonders of Social Solidarity

Within the project that Great Explorer has it is living with the Social Solidarity Transpirenaica recent days we discuss what we liked most as mountain experience:

  1. High mountain versus Mid-mountain nature. We have seen the difference spaces within the mountain primarily motivated by vegetation and secondly because of the big difference in visibility. High mountain has allowed us to walk looking ahead and enjoying the magnificent rivers, waterfalls, mountains and lakes. Medium mountain nature lusher and more continuous slopes have lead us to keep our eyes more on the ground being more cautious in our step by step. Stressing flowers, butterflies, rivers. The GR 11 is a journey through the Pyrenees that continually falls to the traveler on his/her way.
  2. The villages that we have been encountering along the way. Stressing the medieval bridges, Romanesque churches, the huts built with magnificent roofs, details of doors, locks, cemeteries, walls … that differentiate a modern city building of ancient construction, livestock wandering the streets peoples.
  3. The spaces we have found for personal growth and enhanced. Streching: groupings before breakfast to do some stretching and start the day from the heart, kilometers trodden silent, kilometers of hard ascents with significant efforts to keep up and reach the top, hugs group, small rubs shoulders to continue the path after eating, yoga exercises balance in the river.
  4. Bidirectional relationships with young boys or the project. Stressing: coordinating the activity day of an adult and a young and seeing the empowerment at the end of a stage or the week in the group to make sure it had been worth it.
  5. Mountain huts with its characteristic building dormitories, meetings in living rooms, menus with starter, first course, main course and dessert, which could even be vegetarian menus.

You can find some of our magnificient pictures in Photographs of the GR11 or crossing Transpirenaica