5 books for Sant Jordi 2017

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The feast of Sant Jordi is approaching and we want to propose 5 books for Sant Jordi 2017, interesting and always from the point of view of personal growth. To live this day together from the heart.

5 book recommendations for Sant Jordi 2017

Of all the readings this year we have made, there are 5 books that we want to highlight among them. Some are extremely practical, guided books with a method behind that facilitates personal growth in a very contrasted way. We have chosen others for being easy books for a first learning. And others for being a challenge to finish them! Which ones do motivate you?

1. The magic of being oneself. OSHO  la_magia_de_Ser_tu_mismo

From Osho we have already recommended several books always from our vision and our teachings of awakening and finding ourselves. In this book we will see our tendency to seek a definition of ourselves abroad. Osho guides us in the magic of being oneself, the magic of finding ourselves when we look for ourselves in others. Osho speaks of ego, our false “I” that is conditioned by the beliefs of society, social, religious, historical, sexist, racial, etc.

2. Master of the Heart – Anne Merguier. el_maestro_del_corazon

A journey to know our heart, to know the mysteries of our conscience. In this book are mixed knowledge of quantum physics, neurology, teachings of ancient wisdom to express the workings of our consciousness. Through the book of Anne Merguier we learn to live in a much more joyful, serene and free way.

3. Randomize, the 11 steps of magic. Jose Luis Parise. casualizar

Great book to practice and enjoy although it has a level of difficulty. It is a rather dense book, especially if you want to learn the process and put it into practice. We know of the existence of a version for children, but we have not seen or glimpsed it yet. So if it is too much for you, go for the childs version first or take another option!

4. The monk who sold his Ferrari: A Spiritual Fabula – Sharma Robin el_monje_que_vendio_su_ferrari

A fantastic book that introduces you to conscious mindfullness or meditation. Explained through an invented story but very creative and fun, Sharma Robin gives us some simple and very useful personal growth guidelines. the monk Who Sold His Ferrari

5. The process of presence. Michael Brown. el_proceso_de_la_presencia

Great recommendation for us. Michael Brown in order to cure himself from a curious illness gave us this wonderful book. It is a very practical book that proposes to carry out a sequence of 10 sessions, 10 weeks, which include a daily meditation twice a day, a reading at the beginning of the week and some phrases like “Ho’oponopono process.”

Other books that we have recommended previously are: