48h Open House Barcelona

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It is already on the date of the celebration of the 48h Open House Barcelona. A charity event with citizens to make our city a bit more ours, Barcelona. An event that puts together all of us, as citizens who live and share the same buildings, streets, parks, green spaces, …

48h Open House Barcelona, 22 and 23rd of october 2106

It is a charity event in the city of Barcelona linked with architecture. During a weekend more than 150 buildings in the city of Barcelona are opened, free of charge, to citizens. The volunteer work is to provide citizens with information about the technical characteristics of the building, its construction, the associated art, materials, shape or architecture used … Another way of living the present, is being aware of the space we share and we use every day, our city. And what better way to value it, than knowing a little more about it? Are you up to knowing a bit more of your city?

48h Open House project began in London in 1992 and since then there have been several cities that have been incorporated into this project. Becoming an international project with visibility in New York, Dublin, Galway, Tel Aviv, Helsinki, Jerusalem, Oslo, Melbourne, Brisbane, Slovenia, Chicago, Rome, Lisbon, Perth, Thessaloniki, Limerick, Gdynia, Buenos Aires, Vienna, Monterrey, Cork, Vilnius, Madrid, Belfast, Porto, Stockholm, Milan, Prague, Athens, Lagos, Zurich, San Diego and Barcelona, #OpenWorldWide

The festival 48h Open House Barcelona began in 2010, reaching last year its 5th edition, and surpassing 50,000 visitors in a weekend, more than 900 volunteers, 22 companies associated and more than 100 public and private owners involved in this festival for 48hours.

48h Open House Barcelona GREEN

The festival 48h Open House also incorporates sustainable architecture and green architecture with the collaboration of #GreenBuildingCouncilEspaña. And this is where #GranExplorador joins the adventure of volunteering again.

The aim of this festival is the area of sustainability. A part of the festival that offers citizens a vision of sustainable architecture, an architecture that promotes respect for the environment, seeks to optimize natural resources and minimize the environmental impact of construction on a city and its inhabitants. An opportunity to spread the architecture that offers better quality of life and preserving the heritage of all.

The OPENGREEN 2016 for buildings festival will be:

  1. Ca la Dona (Ciutat Vella)
  2. Space René (Ciutat Vella)
  3. BioBui (L) t – Espai Txema (Ciutat Vella) – Where Gran Explorador will be! If you want to come and see us
  4. Hort urbà IMPD (Eixample)
  5. Can Titella – Habitatge i Estudi (Gràcia)
  6. Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau. Recinte Modernista Sant Pau (Horta-Guinardó)
  7. Civic Centre Joan Oliver “Pere Quart” (Les Corts)
  8. Cristalerías Planell (Les Corts)
  9. Baró de Viver Civic Centre (Sant Andreu)
  10. Can Portabella (Sant Andreu)
  11. Banc Blood and Tissue Bank (Sant Martí)
  12. Eco-Pis Cantí (Sant Martí)
  13. Eco-Pis Pujades (Sant Martí)
  14. Habitatge Family Eficient MZ (Sarria-Sant Gervasi)

Happy 48h Open House Barcelona!