35 vegetarian words

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We want to dedicate this post to know more about some vegetarian food. In many occasions we find in the menu a meal, sauce or ingredient that we do not know or a condiment that it is new for us. So we propose you a list of 35 vegetarian words so you can go to eat a vegetarian and understand the menu!

  1. Agave, agave syrup. Sweetener that it is extracted from the leaves of the agave. agave_sirope
  2. Agar agar, rich fiber algae used to make gelatin. Very soft taste. agar_agar
  3. Arame, sweet algae that has a high content of natural sugar, mannitol. Relieves disorders in the reproductive organs. Rich in calcium. arame_alga
  4. Azukis, red soybeans or beans. Highly depurative legume.azukis
  5. Hemp seeds. Ideal for constipation, because of its high fiber content. semillas_canamo
  6. Cardamom, intense aroma seeds, containing essential oils and fiber. semillas_cardamomo
  7. Chia, ideal seed to nourish skin and body tissues. chia
  8. Cilantro, herb that helps in the menstrual pains. cilantro
  9. Cumin, seed rich in iron that helps digestion comino
  10. Turmeric, a seed that reactivates the body, generating a more lively and happy state. It is also a facilitator of digestion. curcuma
  11. Couscous, is actually what we know as wheat semolina. The couscous itself is the traditional Berber dish whose base ingredient is wheat semolina. cuscus
  12. Spelled wheat. Cereal rich in proteins, vitamins and minerals. It also stands out for its fiber content. trigo_espelta
  13. Germinated, are the outbreaks of cereals. Its nutritive value is far superior to treated or cooked cereal. germinados
  14. Hiziki, algae to maintain elasticity and shine of hair. Flavour a little strong. hiziki
  15. Ginger, ideal root to keep colds away and helps nutrient absorption. jenjibre
  16. Kale or cabbage, high in calcium and iron. kale_berza
  17. Kamut, wheat variety rich in carbohydrates, minerals and amino acids. kamut_trigo
  18. Kombu, algae rich in iodine. kombu_alga
  19. Milk, alkalizing cereal, ideal to compensate the acidity of the blood if we drink enough sugar. Contains phosphorus and magnesium. mijo_cereal_alacalinizante
  20. Miso, salty pasta made from very salty soy that is used for seasoning. It has enzymatic properties that help clean the digestive tract. misomiso
  21. Nori, soft algae rich in proteins. Helps remove fatalga_nori
  22. Prasad, it is not a specific food. It is a food that is offered in a Hindu religious celebration.
  23. Cashew cheese or vegan cheese, cheese made from cashews with miso, agar agar and brewer’s yeast. queso_vegano_de_anacardos
  24. Quinoa, low-fat and gluten-free cereal. Provides proteins and minerals. quinoa
  25. Pink Himalayan salt, natural salt with a high magnesium content, which prevents cramps. It also balances the blood sugar level. sal_del_himalaya
  26. Seitan, this is the insoluble protein of wheat flour, ie gluten! Very easy to digest. Help with digestive problems. seitan
  27. Sesame, seeds with great supply of calcium and protein. sesamo_semillassoja
  28. Soybeans, legumes that originate in China rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals such as calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and phosphorus.
  29. Tamari, soy sauce alinos_para_ensaladas
  30. Tahini or sesame seed paste tahini
  31. Tempeh, soy cake. Very digestive and high nutritional value. It helps to strengthen the bones.trigo_sarraceno
  32. Buckwheat, rich in minerals, especially iron. Great for hair!
  33. Tofu, soybean curd with texture similar to fresh cheese. It has a mild taste, is low in calories and very digestive. Great contribution of proteins and amino acids. tofu
  34. Umeboshi sauce, this is a plum type hydrated apricot. Ideal to neutralize the acidity of blood after sugar dishes. umeboshi
  35. Wakame, kombu-like algae. Rich in vitamins B and C. wakame

Now you can enjoy the nicest vegetarian restaurants of your area and also balance your body with the best recipes.