2018 Calendar Gran Explorador

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This year that is ending we have really enjoyed our calendar, especially motivating phrases and light photographs. This year we have in front of us we have dedicated it to nature. The 2018 Calendar is full of beautiful landscapes of Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, the Catalan Pyrenees, Montseny, the French Pyrenees, Vietnam and China. All of them are beautiful places that we have had the opportunity to observe, enjoy and admire.

We invite you to buy this calendar. A calendar to share with your family, a calendar to see each morning when you start your day. A calendar to give as a present this Christmas to family, friends and colleagues in the office.

Our 2018 calendar is:

  • Dina A3 with large space in each day so you can include your best friends birthdays, family notes, meetings, scheduled appointments or special days for you.
  • Each month a beautiful photograph of nature.
  • The days of full Moon so that you go out and share a drink, a dinner or simply look at the sky.
  • And the beginning of the seasons of Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter. Because season changes have their effect on us, so stay tuned!
  • Price: € 10 VAT included + shipping costs
  • If you would rather have the digital calendar, here you have ours for 5€ we sill send it to you by email.

Happy 2018!

This 2018 Calendar we have:

  • January “From my heart to yours”. Two full moons, one at the beginning and one at the end. January 2 and 31 full moon.
  • February “I live from the heart”.
  • March “I allow myself to be”. We have two full moons again. Beginning of Spring, Spring Equinox March 20. Beginning of Holy Week. March 2 and 31, full moon.
  • April “I trust in me”. End of Holy Week. Full moon on April 30.
  • May “Here and now present”. Full moon May 29.
  • June “I take care of my body.” June 28 full moon. Summer solstice on June 21.
  • Julio “I give myself light and love”. July 27 full moon.
  • August “I generate the change”. August 26 full moon.
  • September “The natural thing is to love”. September 25 full moon. September 23, Autumn Equinox.
  • October “Life is giving and receiving”. October 24 full moon.
  • November “I activate intuition.” November 23 full moon.
  • December “I explore the unknown.” December 22 full moon. December 21, Winter Solstice.

If you want a 2018 Calendar