18th november Meditation Meeting

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This week we propose you to visit Manlleva, a space of silence, of Presence where you can rediscover and enjoy silence, peace, love and harmony.

Come next November 18th to Masía Manlleva and enjoy a day of beats of peace. Together we will deepen and share spaces of peace, a peace that is healing, healing and at the same time committed. This day is born of the concern and proposal of a person closely linked to Manlleva, Hedy Kramer, who was born and raised in Manlleva and who now carries out her professional activity in the therapeutic field. She who knows Manlleva very well and carries it in her heart thought that it would be the ideal place to carry it out, because of the peace that Manlleva emanates from itself and because of the climate that has been forming in recent years, since the project started.

This journey will take place in the climate of silence that is characteristic of Manlleva, incorporating the word, that emerged from this pacified background is a source of life for us and for those around us.

It is also open to families with children, so that, in many moments, we will work in groups and one group will be the youngest. And in others we will meet the different generations to unite in this Heartbeat of Peace.

Rhythm and program of the proposed day:

  • 9.30h: We will start with meditation, as always and you can add as you arrive.
  • 10h: A brief space to explain the dynamics of the morning that will consist of “workshops” format of approximately 2h. So that we will be divided into groups according to the interest of each person.
  • 10.30h-12.30h: Working groups. The proposals are diverse so that each person will be able to approach peace from what their personal moment asks for (from a more emotional side of healing of emotions, or from the investigation of joint paths as a society, for peace and commitment with nonviolence, or from trying to understand the movements that are happening and their origin).
  • There will also be a group for boys and girls with a suitable proposal for their life time.
  • 13h: Meditation: there will be two groups. One of silent meditation and another of guided meditation.
  • 2pm: Lunch We will offer two spaces. One silent and another one of food with families. In this way the different needs are respected without canceling one another. You can also choose to fast. Each one will be responsible for bringing the food they need, to facilitate the organization.
  • 4pm Meditation walking in silence for Peace. Children and adults will make two different routes that will be joined at the end to make a stretch of road together and end a joint act.
  • 18h: Final moment. We will gather in a kind of manifesto for peace, that which has emerged as the most relevant and that we want to continue living in our lives, where each one of us is.
    If you want to participate in this day it is necessary that you sign up and let us know the number of people who will come and in case there are children, how old they are.

We are waiting for you to grow together in this difficult and attractive way of listening and not judgment that opens paths for a committed, free and creative Peace.

A big hug to all and all,

Community of Manlleva

Pla de Manlleu – Tarragona