11 Proposals to Decorate your house at Christmas

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Holidays come and many of us like to decorate our home a bit. To introduce different decorations, share our holiday time with friends, family, children, neighbours, yoga mates. Here we propose you some small ideas so that you can decorate your house for Christmas in good harmony.

11 simple proposals that will help you to maintain peace and harmony even with the vortex of gifts and consumption that can be lived around.


1. Paint mandalas and hang one on each door of your house.

By painting them you will have a little meditation time and every time you enter that room you will remember that moment and  how you felt. You will win in harmony at home, you will see new spaces that you had not identified before and fill your home with good magic!



2. Light an incense in your living room every time you get home.

The smell of incense is very relaxing, slowly penetrates your skin and fills the atmosphere with calm and peace. Before you get to paint mandalas for example, or when the visitors are gone and want to calm the environment again. You can also put it in the evening of a rainy day, and let it accompany you with a book on the sofa.




3. Put a box with motivational phrases and pick one up each day.

The best thing about dreaming is what awaits you when you wake up. In our posts you will find ideas to write your phrases, or in YogiTea tea bags or if you are creative and like to write you will get your own. When you open one in the morning, you will discover the magic of words.




4. Hang the 2017 Calendar of Grand Explorador and read the phrases that we propose each month.

In Gran Explorador we have prepared a calendar of 2017 with the best photographs of the sunrises in Barcelona. You already know that we love to see dawn and in our YouTube Channel you can see some of the meditation videos that we have uploaded. If you want to decorate a space of your house with nice photos and messages, this is your Calendar!




5. Make eight-pointed stars with felt and prepare a centerpiece.

The magic of eight-pointed stars is known by many. Include them in your house. In a centerpiece, in the curtain of the bathroom, in the mandalas that we proposed, … you will see that we have also included one in each page of our calendar.



6. Open your yoga mat and leave it open in the living room. This will encourage you and the rest to do some postures.

The things we see are more comfortable and easier to do, right? For if you want this Christmas yoga to be present in your family, in your parties, in your body and surround your magic in your actions, make it easy!



7. Make a list of people to whom you want to send a Christmas greeting and see by crossing the list as you contact them.

These days we find it easier to be at home, to find people open to a conversation, relaxed, … So we propose that you prepare a list of those people with whom you want to talk for a while or visit and get to talk! Talk to them personally, talk to them, give yourself and them a space to catch up.




8. Congratulate Christmas by mail or by making a Christmas video.

The technologies are fine to make things easier, but what an illusion does it receive a postcard. You remember? How long has it been since you received a letter? Words are magic! Live the magic of Christmas with them!



9. Fill the rooms with candles and put a matchbox next to it. Whenever you remember, light one on.

There are many types of candles, colors, perfumes, shapes, sizes … and they all have in common the light, the lighted flame that moves in the environment and within itself. Discover how beautiful it is to watch a burning candle!




10. Write your letter to the Three Kings. Include your wishes for 2017.

Prepare a list of goals for the new year. Write them down on pretty paper and date them to get them done. Once again feel the illusion of asking the universe for what you most want. Remember to date!




11. Begin your motivational mural of 2017, if it is your wish mural here you have our post to know how to do it.

Daydreaming! Yes of course Take advantage of these days to dream and make your mural for the new year. It includes pictures, words, gifts, ideas, … everything you would like to have if it is material, to perform if it is to visit, to build, to get … Give rein to your imagination like when you were a child.