10 ways to start the week with good vibrations

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We start the week and we would like to focus with a good attitude versus our students or those people with whom we share our day to day life. Like our family, our room mates, our work mates or our neighbourhood. What can we do?

We suggest 10 ways to start the week with good vibrations.

Start with attitude one week where everyone can contribute to the group and thus enrich the group together.

  1. Shall we start with a group hug abrazo_colectivo  in the class before starting work? Children who leave home with the energy of a good hug, have with them more energy than any food can give them. Good attitude to solve the obstacles that may appear on their way. Adults as well we also receive energy from this embrace. Try it at home, at work, in the classroom.
  2. Shall we put the coat to our mate?ponerse_la_bata We can also put clothes to each other. A simple fact like helping others to take out their coat, open the door for your partner, leave or enter first, are tiny actions that expand the good vibrations in our environment.
  3. Shall we paint a mandalael_libro_de_los_mandalas_del_mundo Any time of the day is good to make a small break and relax the mind. Painting mandalas can be a good way to start the week off right. The mind relaxes and can then re-focus on work more easily.
  4. Shall we go to the blackboard and write a word that we want to offer the group on how we feel? pizarra_digital Share our mood, our emotions, our feelings is a way of being aware of them and then being able to accept them naturally. To become aware of situations allows us to accept without judgment, we can flow with them and feel them. Some days are better than others, but all emotions have their reason to exist and become aware of it, identifying them helps us understand why it arose so we can progress in resolving the conflict if there is one.
  5. Shall we take five minutes to walk around the room silently staring into each others eyes directly?niños_miran_ojos  We can spend 5 minute walking around the room, the office, the house, … silently staring into the eyes directly. Look to someone else can be a sign of relaxation, empathy, sharing, and also a mirror of your own being. Or simply look into others eyes to stop for a moment.
  6. Shall we lay down, close our eyes and listen together to a song. escuchar_musica  We sat down, we close our eyes and listen together a mantra, a relaxed song, the sound of an instrument. Start with good vibration the week, day or any time we change from one group to another helps us calm ourselves and bring more openess to the new group.

    Shall we walk around the class and embrace our companions?dar_abrazo

  8. Shall we sing together and dance the song of Macaco? cantando_bailando
  9. We stop 20 minutes and dedicate them to make a balance, either with our body or with some external element. Erasers, stones in the garden, pencils.meditate in your day to day life
  10. We do five minutes of applause all together. We will recirculate our blood, pump our heart, work out and oxygenate our body, giving new energy to our mind to continue the daily work.
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