10 types of Yoga, which one to practice?

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I practice yoga for more than seven years now and the funny thing is that the first time that I heard about this I thought as other people think … Me?… That isn’t for me, it’s boring, you do not get nicely in sahpe, … The truth is that it is completely opposite! You can find the type of yoga it better goes with you depending on what you need at present. And my experience is that every stage of your life requires a different type of yoga. And either you find it or yoga finds you. I’ve been through different types of practice and I still do try new ones!

So here are the 10 types of yoga that I propose you depending on what your needs are

  1. Exercise and sweat. Ashtanga yoga practice. It is very hard physically for the asanas, the cardio, the stretching and the abdominals. It is completely physical.
  2. Laugh and have some fun with your partner or friend. Akroyoga. It is a type of yoga practiced in pairs, where positions are hold in contact with the other person. The positions can be very different and tend to open your chest, get balanced or stretch. It’s fun even to make it with children.
  3. Enjoy the light of dawn. Sungazing. Here I have my doubts if it would enter into the classification of types of yoga. There are many ways to share the power of a sun raising and that’s the idea. I’ve included the link to a page on facebook where you can enjoy this free activity in Barcelona.
  4. Yoga nidra. Visualizations in order to relax and at the same time learn to control your mind.
  5. Relaxed sleep at night. Yin yoga practice. It’s relaxing and I recommend to practice it in the evenings, to drink water after the practice and take a light dinner afterwards. Yin yoga is a yoga where you keep static positions for several long minutes. It is not tired, positions tend to be relaxed, and the idea is to be comfortable in them.
  6. Stretching, Hatha yoga. If what you want is to introduce yourself into the world of yoga and you’re not very athletic, sportive or elastic, but you want to stretch your body and discover your bones, muscles and tendons that you didn’t even know you had. This is your yoga. You’ll see that there are actually impossible assanas!
  7. Sweating and eliminate toxins. Hot Yoga. It is a type of yoga similar to Hatha Yoga as postures or asanas, but the difference is that it is carried on at very high temperatures (42 ° C). If you have low pressure, better do not do it. It is very good to clean toxins, but for that I would recommend a Temazcal.
  8. Meditate and travel to unknown places. Kirtan yoga or Kirtan. Here,  I’m not sure if I would say it is a type of yoga. It consists of singing mantras accompanied by musical instruments by repetition, the energy of the place, the celestial voices… all this generates a spiritual space where travel to your inner world.
  9. Challenge yourself, know your limits. Kundalini yoga. Assanas in this type of yoga tend to be easy, but they get you to your limits. I try to explain it. Kundalini yoga invites you to hold positions, almost always with your arms, for several minutes, taking you to situations where you question more than once, what you’re doing. Do not begin this type of yoga, unless you are very brave, you are selfconfident or you are in a super physical shape that you can hold the positions “endlessly”.
  10. Listen to your inner self. Vipassana. Meditation in silence for several hours or even several days. Recommended if you’re very quiet and you want to listen to yourself. It is a great challenge, to sit silently in Lotus posture for hours.

Although it was not my initial intention, if that has subsequently arisen the need to sort the types of yoga by the criterion governing any web, ease or difficulty of entering these exercises depending on the personal situation of each.