10 things for yourself today

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Do you leave time for yourself from time to time?

  • It is also very therapeutic, low cost and with a great effect on yourself. So jump to it, look for a day for yourself.
  • Fix it in a maximum of one week, do not go any further, there is never a perfect time, all times are perfect.
  • Set it a priority date, do not let anything or anyone fill your schedule that day.
  • Dedicate to think about what you want to do that day, below we give you some hints.
  • Buy the material you need for your day.
  • Make sure you have the house empty for yourself. Do not leave your house, if you share your home, ask others to leave. Have the house for yourself just for one day.

10 things you can do for yourself today

  1. Play and dance music and let yourself go. If you want you can listen to ecstatic dance music.
  2. Take a relaxing bath
  3. Paint your nails. Dedicate time and express your creativity in it.
  4. Watch a movie to help you express your emotions, joy, sadness, fear or anger.
  5. Punt on your leggings, tennis shoes or whatever. Dress in comfortable clothes.
  6. Buy flowers in the market.
  7. Meet your friends.
  8. Practice some yoga
  9. Walk along the beach and bath naked in the moonlight.
  10. Fix your next date for yourself. Maximum in a month time. Don’t you think you deserve 12 hours every 336 hours for yourself? 3,5% of your time in a month dedicated to yourself?

Have you enjoyed a day for yourself? There are 10 things that others earn after this day for yourself. Do you know which ones?

  1. Your big and genuine smile.
  2. Your good humor, laughter, kindness, sincerity.
  3. Your support, willingness to help others.
  4. Your time at 100%. Your body and mind are for others to share.
  5. Your creativity, fresh and innovative ideas.
  6. Your listening attentive and helpful.
  7. Your love, your heart, your hugs and kisses.
  8. Your servitude, your desire to give to others.
  9. Your light to the difficulties.
  10. Your strength to overcome the bumps.