10 movies for her

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In a previous post we talked about taking care of oneself and we recommended to watch a movie, in order to help yourself to express your emotions, laugh a while, mourn her eyes out, give a scare scary or angry rage. Well, in this post we recommend some movies that you can see to help express emotions, mourn, laugh, cry, die of fear, take out rage …  But first, we hereby provide the perfect complements for a good session of emotional movies for her:

  • If what you need is some pain mourn:
    • Tissue to mourn
    • Candles and lights off
    • Think about those situations that make you sad. Those moments when you put strong heart to succeed. Now it is time to let it all out. It is better to release the heart of that chain attaching than adding new strings. So before you start, look at the photos that remind you of those moments lived, recall anecdotes, stories, happy moments … Feel it all in you.
    • Breathe deeply and profound. Stand up and relax your arms on one side and another with rounded back down.
    • Yawn as many times as you like. At first it may be a forced yawn, but gradually they will go out.
  • If you need it is laugh:
    • Have an empty stomach (it is easier to let go your emotions when the body has nothing to do and can feel 100%)
    • Wear comfortable clothes, do not were tight pants.
  • If what you need is to get rabies:
    • Please have a good cushion to wring
    • Papers for scratching
    • Photographs that you want to get rid of them.
    • And some tissues, after range can come crying.

Enjoy your emotions!

  1. Hitch, the cure for the common man.   to laugh and understand our guys. A movie to laugh and laugh and understand the guys point of view.
  2. Joy joy to get courage and see there is a light at the end of the way. A movie to be aware that it is not so bad, so hard or so terrible. There’s always a bright side of life.
  3. Grease grease A nice and well known movie to remember that the light is inside yourself.
  4. Dirty dancing dirty_dancing No matter the difficulties or if you are right or wrong, you have the right to live your life and express yourself.
  5. The last kiss  ultimo_beso Interesting movie. If you feel like you do not understand your couple, just try to think like him. This movie might help you with it.
  6. The ugly truth. la_cruda_realidad Do not force a relationship, if it doesn’t have to work, it won’t!
  7. Something to remember algo_para_recordar
  8. Lost in translation lost_in_translation
  9. Before sunrising antes_del_amanecer
  10. Before sunset  antes_del_atardecer
  11. Love Actually  love_actually
  12. Notting Hill  notthing_hill
  13. Four weddings and a funeral  cuatro_bodas_y_un_funeral
  14. You have got and email  tienes_un_email
  15. Ghost ghost
  16. Cocktail cocktail
  17. Under the Tuscan Sun  bajo_el_sol_toscana
  18. PS: I love you ps_te_quiero
  19. Mama mia mamma_mia
  20. Green fried tomatoes tomates_verdes_fritos