10 essential oils for women

Categories: Natural Product.

The list of essential oils for women to bring in her kit include:

  1. To reduce cellulite – use an oil cypress, geranium or grapefruit.
  2. To ease the pain of menstruation, a good analgesic is peppermint oil.
  3. As a stimulant to recharge before a meeting or an appointment that gives you quite stick, peppermint oil.
  4. To relax the nervous system and being able to sleep well – lavender oil.
  5. For burns in the kitchen – lavender oil or hypericum.
  6. To start the day with energy – oil or hypericum, Saints John flower.
  7. Tranquilizer to reduce anxiety – passionflower oil.
  8. St. John’s oild or hipericum as an antidepressant or hop oil.
  9. As a muscle relaxant oil hawthorn.
  10. As an aphrodisiac for a crazy night with friends or with a partner, the hop oil.

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