10 essential oils for mum and dad

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And now we go with mums, dads and their kiddies or not so kiddies. For them there are also essential oils that are going to make their life easier.

  1. You have stabbed mosquitoes and cannot stop scratching yourself? Peppermint oil is a good pain reliever.
  2. You have louses crawling your heads or children’s heads? The tea tree oil is a solution for prevention. But first you have to take them off of the heads.
  3. The boys and girls start with the problems of juvenile acne? Mom has a typical pre-menstrual grain of pus? or Dad has appeared with an infected grain in his beard? The hop oil is there to save you.
  4. Has anyone got burned in the kitchen when removing the baking tray? Or maybe have you burned yourself while serving the soup? Lavender oil is ideal couple burns.
  5. You have got an stressful day and you need a relaxing night? Lavender oil on the temples or on the soles of the feet and enjoy a nice sleep.
  6. Do menstrual pains leave you speechless? Peppermint oil is there to save you
  7. Do you need to make a public presentation and nerves are eating you alive? Laurel oil.
  8. Are you slumping but you have to put a good face and be ready for others? Cinnamon oil.
  9. Continually coughing, making noises and having lots of mucus. Lavender oil on the nose.
  10. Is there an exam and you have to study? Rosemary oil.

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