10 essential oils for men

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Hence my list of 10 essential oils for men!

  1. You have an appointment? Or you need to take strength and courage to make an appointment to a beautiful woman? Frankincense oil.
  2. You suffer from teenager acne, hop oil is your salvation, but also reduces sexual appetite …
  3. Have you got trouble sleeping? Lavender oil on the pillow will help you sleep.
  4. Have you burned yourself cooking? Lavender oil.
  5. Do you have to speak in public and its difficult for you? Put on some laurel oil.
  6. Do you have a super cold? Peppermint oil.
  7. Work consumes you and you lack energy? Hypericum oil or Saint John’s flower will give vitality.
  8. Do you have to memorize your speech? Rosemary oil droplets.
  9. You suffer from premature ejaculation? Hop oil.
  10. Are you looking for an aphrodisiac? Damiana active oil circulation of the blood and is a good stimulant.

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