10 books on personal growth

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We wanted to propose 10 books on personal growth to read, learn and discover other ways to act, do and love.

  1. aprender_a_amar_osho “Learning to love. Osho” And also the vast majority of his books. Although much of his teachings are repeated, it is worth reading about 3 or 4. They are complex books to read slowly. They are books to have on the bedside table for several weeks.
  2. las_nueve_revelaciones_james_redfield “The 9 revelations of James Redfield”. It is a curious book in its disclosures, but if any of the first three make sense to you, put it on the bedside table and read it occasionally. Who knows maybe someday you receive your nine revelations.
  3. el_maldito_karma  “Maldito Karma”. David Safier. And also the 3 books he has written on this collection. They are entertaining, fun, easy to read and will provide an overview of the origin of life easier, no hassle stories.
  4. conversaciones_con_max Conversations with Max. Ferran Ramon Cortes and all his books. They are traditional books in the sense that hes does not explain phantasies or none touchable theories as the ones before . Ferrán is very convenient and a great communicator and he shows it in his books.
  5. la_mujer_interior_zulma_reyo The woman inside. Zulma Reyo. Book to read and point, underline and internalize. I recommend it for women and collect personal growth exercises to be doing, so it’s a book to catch it occasionally and follow up.
  6. el_libro_de_los_mandalas_del_mundoBook of mandalas for painting very complete. There are a variety of different types of mandalas and each mandala is a very interesting explanation of its origin, how to paint and how to work with them. Besides the origin of mandalas and their therapeutical use is explained.
  7. el_tesoro_de_la_salud The treasure of health. Complete book on food, body care and healing. Personally we really like his proposals, views and suggestions, but we recognize that it is alternative and breaking, so do not expect a traditional book.
  8. meditacion_para_principiantes Meditation for Beginners. The truth is that we do not like too much the title, but the content is actually good. It has guided meditations that can help you to relax and enter a world of inner peace. We are sure there are more other books similar, so make your own choice.
  9. la_sabiduria_del_corazon The wisdom of the heart. This is a book to read slowly, underline and go learning. We believe it is the hardest of the ten proposals, so it is more a book for those who want more but not for the general public.
  10. felicidad_dual_bert_hellingerDual Happiness. Bert Hellinger. It is a somewhat special book, and for those who the theme of “family constellations” is unknown better not to read it. For those who know the work on constellations by Hellinger, this is his basic book. He is the creator of the constellations and therefore he writes clearly his knowledge and ethics that should be behind this therapy. We shall talk in another post about our experience in this therapy.